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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thank you, Danke, Merci, Grazie!

Rachel rocks!

I received my DYE-O-RAMA yarn over the weekend and it is so fantastic! She dyed yarn in my favorite colors of blue, purple and green. I couldn't be happier. She named it "RAINFOREST". Eventhough I have 3000 projects on the needles right now, I may have to cast on for socks...MY SOCKS!

Other casting on includes Tempting II for the KAL with Sexy Knitters Club. The KAL isn't supposed to be until July but I couldn't wait and cast on last night. I have knit about 3" of k1p1 ribbing. The Heirloom Breeze yarn is so soft and it has .4% lycra in it so it is nice and clingy.

A few words about the Crest of the Wave top in Sonata. I had my doubts, as I was knitting happily along, that the opaque section of the pattern covering the bra area was going to be sufficient. Lucia, you were right. It isn't going to be up to the task. The mannequin's body is not affected by gravity as mature as mine and I am afraid that there will have to be a major overhaul. I am talking about frogging the entire thing back to the first 4 rows of the shoulders. I don't have the strength in me right now so that will go back into the to-be-considered pile.

C'est la vie.


At 5:51 AM, Anonymous Melissa said...

I love that lace top! I'm working on a Tempting II, also, but just am bored to tears with all the ribbing :) Can't wait to see your finished one.


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