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Monday, May 08, 2006

Some shrinkage may occur

I have finished the felted bag I have been making for my niece. Here is the before photo with the Pursenality Plus book as control. The green and purple rectangles on the upper left are the inside pockets that get sewn on after all of the pieces are felted.

Here is the photo AFTER felting with the same book. Ain't it just the cutest thing? I will be shaving it a bit more to remove some of the fuzz. Yes, I said shaving. Doesn't everybody shave a handbag? Sheesh, you'd think I'd have said something strange. I am giving some re-think to the daisy button, though. Any suggestions?

Here is a lovely photo of Knit Picks (yes, the yarn that finally got here) Color Your Own-Natural in fingering weight. Tonight I am going to start experimenting with the knit-dye-reknit techniques. I will post photos as I go along.

Last, but not least, if you don't have one of these, for gawd's sake get one! I am continuously asked at yarn shops if I want them to wind that loose hank for me. What? And deprive me of the pleasure of doing it myself? NEVER!!! It is very meditative to see the hank get sparser (is that a word, sparser?) and the yarn cake get larger.

Gawd, sometimes I need a life...


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