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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy day!

Happy Easter and Passover.

As for me, it's Happy Sweater Machine Day! This is my new toy that I bought from my friend Char in my knitting guild. What is a hand knitter doing with a knitting machine? The blasphemy! I used to think so too until I found this. Uh huh. Sort of gets you right there, doesn't it? I gotta try it!

Since this is a blog largely about knitting, I must post the obligatory photos of my cats.

Topaz is 19 years old, as far as we can tell. She adopted us one August Saturday when there were lots of people and children here for a party. She stayed. I guess the accommodations aren't too bad. Six kittens (she was in the family way when she arrived) and a dislocated jaw (when she decided to cross the road in front of the neighbor's moving Honda) later, she is still the Queen of the castle. So I think she thinks.

This is Sasha. I think she is about 4. We got Sasha last October from friends who couldn't keep her in their apartment. They found her in a former apartment complex after some rat-bastards moved out and left the kitten there to fend for herself. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. They kept her until the Mrs.'s allergies got to be nuclear. They asked me if I would take her. Was there ever a question as to what my answer would be? I had met Sasha at a party and loved her from the start. She is very intelligent and has lots of personality.

Chuck says people might think that my before and after photos from yesterday are mixed up as most people's knitting gets bigger, not smaller in the after photo! He has a point...

I thought this was going to be a short post...


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