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Monday, April 24, 2006

Fun in the sun

Yesterday was one of those gor-ge-mous days in the Pacific Northwest that makes you glad you live here. The sun was shining and the sky was severe clear! What a perfect day for hanging out with knitters and yarn!

Marilyn's Yarn held their first annual Open House on April 23. There were handcrafters from around western Washington showing their wares and talking and sharing their techniques and interests.

The local radio station Kafé 104.3FM (if you are familiar with the proclivity of people in this part of the country toward coffee, you will see how appropriate the station's name is!)broadcast live all afternoon from the event. Perry the POPCORN KING was popping up great smelling popcorn, caramel corn and refreshing Hawaiian Shave Ice.

Kathy displayed an amazing variety of stitch markers, yarn charms and beaded knit bracelet kits. Kathy and I go way back to 8th grade in 1968. Sorry, Kath. Now everybody knows how old you/we are!

The lovely Melissa makes great handbags and knitting needle cases.Melissa is working-her-way-through-college-to-get-a-lot-of-knowledge so if you bond with one of her hand-made items (my favorite is the aqua and taupe knitting needle case) in the photo, send an email to me and I will get Melissa in touch with you.

Emmo and her friends stopped by for a chat.Emmo (on the left holding the toy alpaca) confessed that she used to be a crocheter but had recently come to the knitting camp and was enjoying it more. Blonde Girlfriend on the right (holding a piece of paper with my blog address on it) made the comment that crochet was Emmo's metaphoric first boyfriend, and that she had moved on to a more mature relationship with knit. Yeah, that's right.

Dottie and a co-worker stopped by for a bit and the conversation got around to sock yarn. Dottie pulled up a pants leg to show us her current favorites (a wool and nylon blend, I believe) in their natural habitat.

LOST RIVER ALPACAS came with two adorable yet cranky alpacas. In all fairnesss, they were in a pen and people kept trying to touch them. I learned a lot about alpacas and their calming effect on people. And you thought they were only good for producing luxurious fibers and yarn! Hah!

We had a great time and told Marilyn that we would love to come back next year. If you want more information, call Marilyn or send her an email to get on her mailing list.


At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Elaine said...

I love the picture of the alpaca, it has so much personality. I need to pick a time to get out of Dodge and find some less local yarn stores, Bellingham may be the ticket.


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