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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Turning the, heel

I just returned from spending a wonderful long weekend with friends and family at the Washington Coast. The weather was (mostly) cooperative and we had a great time laughing, playing games, cards, dice, croquet, hanging out at the beach, eating lots of goodies and just generally having a relaxing time. Lest you think that we are a bunch of teetotalers, the booze and wine flowed freely and added to the merriment. I say we do it again next year.

While there, I managed to get in quite a bit of knitting on my Fixation socks. I like the yarn, but it is a bit of a pain to knit with. Does one stretch it or not stretch it while knitting? I decided to stretch it because when I didn't, it looked all loose and pplllllffffttttt. Yeah, that's it.

I have one major complaint that I will be contacting Cascade about. Each of the skeins (up to this point) had TWO KNOTS in each one, fairly short distances from each other. I make socks two-at-a-time-toe-up because I like one unbroken yarn from toe to top. Now I have at least 2 places where I have to weave in ends and on socks, that can be uncomfortable to wear.

The heels are really very easy to do from the toe-up. I've got it down to a (simple) science now. I like the cushy sl1, k1 RS heel so that is what I do. If you want the details, email me and I will try to explain it better. Now it is just a matter of k2 p2 ribbing until 7-8 inches or the skeins run out.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sock it to me

I am a member of the East Side Knitters Guild and go to the Monday evening meetings. However, this past Monday, I was free during the day and went to the day meeting at Spin Knitters in Bothell, WA. I positioned myself at the table with the ladies and took out my socks that I had started the weekend before. As luck would have it, I was also facing the wall of sock yarn! YIKES!

People, you all know that yarn speaks to you, right? Admit it. You know it does. I was getting the yarn equivalent of "Hey, Baby...What's your sign?" from some Cascade Fixation in variegated greens.

Halfway through the meeting, I got up and introduced myself to Fixation. We got along immediately. I then took my Fixation home with me for a crazy and wild affair, knowing fully that I had an "understanding" with a skein of STR. Gawd, I am so easy...

Fixaton and I are making beautiful socks together.

I am planning on taking both STR and Fixation to the ocean this weekend for some fun and relaxation. I hope we will be a great threesome.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Much better now

Whew! I have finally gotten everything out of my house that I want to keep or sell or give away. All of my big worldly possessions are in a PODS heading for SoCal. A lot more stuff is in my apartment awaiting further sorting. Tons of stuff is at friends' houses and our warehouse to put up for sale on ebay.

I am exhausted.

Even better than that, I have actually been able to do some knitting. It has been nearly 4 weeks since I picked up the sticks and it feels sooooooo goooooood....The first thing to start is a pair of socks. The yarn is Socks That Rock in the colorway of Carbon. I have to be careful to keep these from Sasha (AKA Yarn-eater) because she has already attempted to swallow the wooly nylon thread (that is what is giving the toes a tweed look) I use for toe and heel reinforcement. Loads of fun to knit with yarn wet from cat saliva. Good thing I will wash and block these socks before gifting!

I will try to be more regular in my posting from now on. At least until the end of October when I move to SoCal and for the first time in my life live somewhere other than the Greater Seattle area. I am so excited I can't wait!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

We pause for this brief message


Carry on.