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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hello? Anyone in there?

Okay, so it has been a couple of months since I posted. Not that there haven't been projects I have been working on, I have just been pre-occupied with Ravelry and trying to get my life back on track.

I finished my version of the Lelah top knit from Lion Brand Cotton Ease. The original is strapless but that is not an option for me. So I modified it by making it tank-top style. The stockinette rolls terribly so I gave the neck and armhole a k1 p1 rib for 3 rows. The addition of an I-cord from the same yarn and Viola! It actually fits and I plan to take it to Seattle for my vacation starting Sept. 12.

I always feel a little fidgety if I don't have a pair of socks on the needles so here is the beginning of a new pair. I don't know who the recipient is yet because I am waiting for inspiration for a pattern. Until then, I will just knit along, waiting for my sock muse. The yarn is 70% superwash wool and 30% nylon and you might not guess who the maker is. It is slightly scratchy but I think it will soften up with washing.

I have been doing a bit of sewing lately. I have a fairly large fabric stash that needs to be turned into wearables. These are my latest 2 dresses.
Basically the same pattern, but different fabrics and skirt styles.

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