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Monday, March 19, 2007

Flower Power

I have finished the flower squares for my project and have moved on to the other piece. Eventually it will be a fun and flowery purse for the summer. I was going to make both sides the same but after nine squares, I think not. I was working on it at the WeHo SNB and decided that a solid double crochet back would do nicely, thank you. Ellen suggested that it might look nice with stripes. She is so right. I was going to make the stripes going horizontal but I am thinking that vertical is a better choice. I am planning on finding some fab and funky fabric in these colors for the lining. I have a pair of clear plastic handles that I bought a few weeks ago in anticipation of this project. I can't wait for it to be done! I hope to debut it at the next SNB in April.

Yesterday I got my car filled up and washed, as is my routine. I then went to the local Trader Joes for a spot of grocery shopping. They had bunches of five sunflowers for $2.99. They were so gorgeous that I bought three bunches! They look so good in my Blue Calico Castle vase, don't you think? I love this piece. I bought it in 1990 when I visited the Burleigh factory in England. It reminds me of rook from a chess set.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Paint by number

Take some Tahki Cotton Classic and a size "E" crochet hook. Work a wheel of petals in purple.

Add a couple of rounds of petals in white.

Attach a bright spring green and morph it into a granny square.

Try to remember how you made the first oneClone it a few more times. What have you got?

Well, you will have to wait until I finish it. I am such a tease...