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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tip-toe Through the FruitStripes

I have made some progress on the socks I started under the influence of a margarita. I left the toes as they were and forged ahead. Actually, I couldn't wait to get the toes done so I could end the torture abandon the use of the Addi Turbo needles. I know that there are scores, nay, thousands of you knitters out there who have sworn your allegiance to Addis. I am not one of them. In fact, I hate them. The cable is very stiff so knitting 2 socks at a time, toe-up is constantly wrestling with the outer loops. And another thing. The metal needles smell bad, somewhat like a metal grocery cart. As soon as I had the toes done, I unloaded gave away those circular Addis and all of the other Addis I had. All 4 sets. I feel much better using my bamboo and ebony needles.

Back to the socks.

The pattern is a simple feather and fan that I think shows off the self-striping yarn very well. I have decided to call these socks the "Fruit Stripe" socks after FruitStripe gum we used to buy when I was a kid. I can still hear the little T.V. jingle in my head ("Yikes! Stripes!......) As you have no doubt noticed, the feather and fan pattern is also a ripple pattern. I guess my obsession with rippling continues, albeit subconsciously.

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