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Friday, September 08, 2006

Skirt progress

I am making very good progress on the Violet Beauregard skirt. I would have made more progress if I hadn't screwed up several rows. I forgot to ch2 in one space and only found the mistake when I got back around to that stitch on the next row. Frog the entire row back to the boo-boo and crochet again. Twice. I now check after every few shell patterns to make sure that I have done it correctly.

I am really liking the way it looks. The yarn is Tahki Cotton Classic in two colors (a light and a dark) of periwinkle and a green that is somewhere between olive and spring. Or, in color number speak, #3882, #3872 and #3703. Seems most everything I am knitting, crocheting and sewing is in these color groups. I think I have my base for my winter wardrobe, such as it were.

What sort of winter wardrobe does one plan when moving from Washington state to Southern California?


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